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  • PS: We receive hundreds of requests for tours with our San Francisco experts. They are that good. If you can’t make it and don’t reschedule in advance, we will not offer you a new time.

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100% Occupied. 1% Work. Above Market Rents. Meet Vybe.

We are your dedicated...
rent collector cleaning crew inspection team interior designer marketing team sales team member support maintenance team

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We have over...

  • 350+ rooms
  • 300+ members
  • 70+ homes

Our members come from all walks of life.

Different cities, states, and countries, Check out
what brought them to the city…


As a new San Francisco local, it's extremely difficult to find a home within your budget.


The San Francisco rental market is expensive & unpredictable.

It’s the most expensive city in the United States!


Rapid COVID recovery and inflation made things worse during 2021. The nationwide average rent increased by over 12% in just one year.

There’s a ton of housing options,
but it seems like there’s no perfect fit.

Once you settle for a place, you have to juggle… work, school, cleaning, errands, and everything you NEED to do in order to live a “normal” life. But what if you can take all that stress out of housing and live your best life in the city?

Don’t take our word for it, hear it directly from our members!


Brian J. SAVED: $3,960

“The thing I value most would be amenities and community. I made good friends that I want to keep for a long time. I don’t have to worry about where my money is going.

It’s just one fee of just monthly rent. It reduces my shopping expense because I don’t have to worry about toiletries in a sense from my personal needs. For cleaning stuff, I didn’t have to worry about vacuums dusting cleaning supplies it’s all just rent, rent pays for everything”

  • With Vybe Living, it became super easy for him to compare all of his options from having access to pictures, virtual house tours, along with floor plans and amenities of each home.

  • Because of Vybe, the search was more efficient and straightforward. Brian was still able to feel reserved in his own room but felt like he made friends with his housemates as he was able to share and hang out in the common spaces.

  • Brian saved $200/month the past, he treated his home as a place to sleep. And now, he expressed how he gets more out of housing with Vybe by exploring the city, focusing on his career, going out with friends, and having fun.

Now, because of Brian’s Vybe home, he truly feels like it’s a home for him with the support he needs living in the city.


Tanvi G SAVED: $2,000

“Vybe is so amazing. You guys are always there to help us and get it sorted so easily. And I really value the way the home looks with everything in the space. Everything from the setup, utilities, cleaning ladies is super nice.

I don’t have to have a separate budget for my utilities as well, you just pay monthly which is very convenient and good for my mental health. I’m definitely about to save a couple of dollars every month.”

  • Tanvi was recommended to Vybe by a friend where her experience was smoother than ever.

  • Vybe Living helped her find the most affordable place in Noe Valley while feeling safe in a positive environment through the interview & pre-qualifying housemate match.

  • With Vybe, Tanvi felt very pleased, and extremely happy to transition so smoothly to a neighborhood she loved. Tanvi loved how cute her furnished home was! It saved her the hassle of arranging a new home. Her move-in was so simple and easy!

Tanvi had more time to dedicate herself to her hobbies. She was able to save more money and take a road trip to Utah while saving more money towards an emergency fund.

Who This is For...


You’re moving
to San Francisco

But, you’re struggling to find a perfect home, in a great neighborhood, with friendly housemates


You want to
save money

The price of unpredictable fees from utilities might push the price over your budget. You don’t want to be broke, constantly sacrificing your money for your time. You simply can’t find convenient living that fits your lifestyle goals.


You’re starting from
the ground up

You are brand new to the city with little to no connections in the area. You want to meet new people and grow your network within the city to jumpstart your career, education, and experience in San Francisco.


You can't find a home
within your budget

You’re afraid to fall for scams from Craigslist, unreliable landlords, and sleazy salespeople. You find a place but it’s way too far from your school or work. Is it worth spending all the money and time commuting back and forth?


You’re feeling overwhelmed
or hopeless!

You have a full schedule. You want to spend your time here wisely and don’t want constant inefficiencies to consume your life.

If you resonate with at least one, two, three, or even ALL of these
desires and concerns… THIS IS FOR YOU!

So... What Can You Do?

If you want to fulfill your dreams and…

  1. Jumpstart your career, education, and experience in San Francisco
  2. Find affordable housing
  3. Live in a great neighborhood

… then you must seek convenient living with a dedicated team helping you find a home with reliable housemates.

The San Francisco rental market is one of the highest-rising cities in the US where it is unpredictable when and by how much the rental market rates will increase. In June 2021, the average rent increased 3% in only 60 days


The best way to find convenient living is by talking to a team specialist to understand your priorities and goals, as well as well-matched & reliable housemates. A team specialist will match you to a few homes that you can pick from based on your needs & desires.


Choosing this process means you'll find your perfect home within 7 days!


Talk To A
Team Specialist

You will get a list of houses that you’ll love. All you have to do is pick the one you want.


Book A Tour

Only takes a couple of minutes and you won’t have to leave the comfort of your couch to see the new place!


Sign Lease

Sign a lease in as little as 72 hours & enjoy how the simple process.


Move In

Move in with no hassle. No renting moving trucks!

A Little Bit About Us






Business Development



Sales & Member Support





Like so many others who moved to this big new city, it's a real struggle to find a new room to rent and call home.

We spent months researching rentals in San Francisco and quickly realized that it is SO HARD to find a home that actually fits our preferences and our budget.

We didn’t want to settle for rooms that could double as a closet or a humid laundry room (they are out there, believe it or not!).

We all agreed that we weren't the only ones facing this issue.

There are so many people like us looking for a place at the same time, dealing with the same challenges.


We decided to
develop a solution of our own.

  • A custom-made housing process

  • Set up reliable homes & housemates
  • In great SF neighborhoods


We built exactly that and finally have a way to make living in San Francisco easy…


Say goodbye to unpredictable payments & sleazy landlords! .Hello to sightseeing, exploring, and growing connections in the city. Feel welcomed & confident about your stay in your new place.

Steps to Find Your Place


Looking For A Place

  • 250+ room options to choose from and you can find them all on one website!

  • No more searching for places through multiple sites or apps!

  • Dedicated team that will get to know your lifestyle and home preferences

  • Get recommended homes with like-minded housemates in the best fitting neighborhood.



Booking a Tour

  • Use our interactive 3D tour to “walk” around the entire house and see all the nooks and crannies.

  • Questions about housemates, the home, next steps? Ask your dedicated housing specialist!



Background Check + Application

  • Go through a complete online background check where all housemates have been checked too.

  • It’s quick and easy! Know your application status 24/7, so you don’t have to sit around and hope nothing gets lost in the mail.



Signing a Lease

  • Secured E-Leases are so much faster!

  • A two-step process. It’s simple.

  • Lease created and sent to you within minutes. You sign the lease electronically & your landlord will receive it instantly.

  • You can move in as soon as the next day!



Moving In

  • Pack your suit case, and move in as soon as possible with your secure and easy access key.

  • Walk into a home with fully furnisheed common-spaces and have the option to furnish your own room!



Furnishing Your Home

  • Furnished homes!

  • Don’t spend a second thinking about how to fill each and every corner of your new place.

  • Everything is already assembled & decorated nicely and comfortably!



Each Week, Buying + Cleaning Household Essentials

  • Monthly visits from professional house cleaners.

  • Easy access to a member portal where you can use to submit tickets whenever you need something restocked.

  • Dedicated maintenance team.

  • Service to deliver your home supply necessities



Interviewing Potential Housematesr

  • Have the interview process taken care of by your property managers.

  • The potential housemates will have to go through the same background check and housemate process, ensuring safety for you and your housemates.



Coordinating Utilities & Household Chores

  • Professional cleaners are a part of your lease!

  • Common spaces are taken care of!

  • You are only responsible for your own room.



Moving Out

  • Just worry about packing the belongings from your bedroom, everything else just stays in the house!

  • Don’t have to arrange for any tables, desks, or big bulky chairs to be moved out of the house.


So You Have Two Options...

Traditional Methods

You can choose to go your own way and find a room to rent using traditional methods.

  • Spend thousands of dollars just on applying for a home, hiring professional movers, and buying new furniture.
  • Spend an extra week of time and hundreds of dollars every month buying household items.
  • Spend +24 days setting up your home & settling in.
  • Move into your home in a month furnishing your home.

Vybe Living

You can choose Vybe Living and achieve the most convenient living.

  • Save $2,000 and gain 160 hours from setup costs to focus on yourself, your goals, and your career.
  • Know exactly what you are paying for no matter how much or little of utilities you actually use saving at least $500 per month on utilities and services.
  • Spend less than 2 days setting up your room & settling in.
  • Move into your home within a week and SAVE 3 WEEKS of your time from setting up.

Again, This Is For You If...

you want to seek convenient living in an affordable home with reliable housemates while creating a foundation for the new chapter in your life and jumpstart your career.


Camila H SAVED: $3,930

“I had a budget of $1,500 a month and I only spent $1,070. So I saved quite a lot. I’m paying for my education for myself, so I was happy to save $500.

I can save $500 per month and have it all in my savings”.

  • When Camilla decided to move to San Francisco, she had to throw away all of her new furniture with HUGE costs. Camilla signed with Vybe and moved into an already furnished home, taking her only 2 days to settle in!

  • She expressed how easy, transparent, and smooth her move-in was.

  • Camilla saved $400 per month from her last move where she had more money to put into her emergency funds, education, and more.

Camilla had a flexible stay where she felt comfortable and secure to avoid draining more money. She felt accommodated in her furnished home and no longer has to worry about the stress of her money waste. Because of Vybe’s services, she can prioritize hiking more.


Dana S SAVED: $2,460

“Having a furnished space is exactly what I need. Having one predictable payment has been great. I’m now able to forecast between now and 1 year from now.

I can plan how much money I need to save or what my exact expenses are. It definitely helps me plan ahead!”

  • Dana values Vybe’s super easy application & move-in ready home.

  • After her lease ended, she decided to move to Bosnia, however, she ended up moving back to San Francisco with Vybe Living for the second time

  • With Vybe Living, she instantly saved $2,000 with a furnished room on top of saving $675/month with accumulated savings on rent, utilities, laundry, basic living supplies and more!

Dana has lived in San Francisco for the past six years. She has lived all throughout the Bay Area in multiple different housing situations from finding homes through other platforms. She has even lived with her family for a while, but the moment she found Vybe Living the application & move-in experience was super easy. She moved to Bosnia to continue working and still reported back to Vybe Living as she came back to San Francisco.

Your Benefits When You Choose Vybe


Fixed Utility Fees
& Rent Payments

No matter how much water or electricity you use, all utilities are put into one payment.


Furnished Common

Don’t worry about spending thousands of dollars and weeks of your time furnishing your new home, it’ll all be ready for you!


Basic Living
Supplies Provided

Household essentials such as kitchenware, bathroom supplies, and more are all provided for you. No more running to the store for toilet paper and laundry detergent. It will be delivered to you by request!


Member Support &
Online Portal

Have a leaky faucet? Need to extend your lease? We have an online portal for any inquiry requests.


Flexible Leasing

No more getting stuck in long term leases! You can choose between our many options to find the best fit length!

How It Works With Vybe

Finding a Home

Use this simple process to find a home you love without wasting any time or effort. Our experts do our best to understand you, and your needs so that we can find the best fit for you!

You can sign a lease in 72 hours!


Moving In

Moving In With Vybe you get efficient communication without having to worry about missing any steps.

Our 3D tour let’s you “walk” around the whole house, tell you all about your new neighborhood, and answer all of your questions.

After completing our super-simple application process our maintenance team will make sure you get your keys so you can meet your housemates and have an easy move-in experience.


Living with Vybe

Move into a furnished place and feel at home without having to spend thousands of dollars and insane amounts of time finding, buying and putting together your furniture.

We have a dedicated maintenance member support & member portal! Put a ticket in through a request on our member portal and our team members will take care of it ASAP!


So Let's Summarize This Offer...

  • TO: YOU


  • 11:11 AM
  • 01/01/2022
  • Fixed Utility Fees & Rent Payments No matter how much water or electricity you use, all utilities are put into one payment.
  • Flexible Leasing Promise No more getting stuck in long term leases! You can choose between our many options to find the best fit length!
  • Basic Living Supplies Provided Household essentials such as kitchenware, bathroom supplies, and more are all provided for you. No more running to the store for toilet paper and laundry detergent. It will be delivered to you by request!
  • Member Support & Online Portal Have a leaky faucet? Need to extend your lease? We have an online portal for any inquiry requests.
  • Furnished Common Spaces Don't worry about spending thousands of dollars and weeks of your time furnishing your new home, it'll all be ready for you!

Check out how much you can save before you even move in with Vybe Living!

$2,060 per month $1,385 per month $2,425 per month
Place/Room $1,450 $1,190 $1,900
Utilities & Services $80 $195 $110
Cleaning -$50 -$125
Wifi -$40 -$100
Household Goods -$100 -$150
Laundry -$40 -$40
Vacancy Costs -$300 N/A

The savings don't stop here.

We include utilities & services into one payment giving you the necessary home goods and supplies. There are no separate hidden costs. It is all included!







$195/a month


Kitchen Supplies



Bathroom Supplies



Living Room Furniture



WFH Furniture
& Supplies




Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in an applicant?

We are looking for applicants interested in becoming a part of a friendly, respectful and welcoming home. If you are interested in being a part of an inclusive environment, forming new friendships, and making the most of your time in San Francisco, consider applying with Vybe Living now.

How does the process work?

Our team of San Francisco experts will listen to your needs and housing priorities and work to find a room that best fits your needs. Depending on availability, as well as health and safety requirements, you will be able to participate in a virtual or in-person tour of the property. From there, the team will work with you one-on-one guiding you through the application, as well as the lease signing process.

What does the application process consist of?

All applicants are required to provide background check documents and proof of sufficient funds to pay for rent. Once we receive these documents and your application is approved, our team will start the leasing process. Our team will provide an optional housemate introduction prior to the leasing process as well.

What does the background check examine?

Domestic applicants will be able to complete an online background check. Currently, the check is performed by a third party company and costs $30. The document will review your credit, criminal and eviction history.

Are there any specific income or credit requirements?

We work with each applicant to understand their individual financial and credit picture prior to making a decision regarding their application. We may ask for supporting documentation after the background check has been processed to assure the candidates are qualified to each home’s standards.

Do you accept cosigners on the lease?

Yes, co-signers are accepted.

I'm not located in San Francisco. Can the leasing process be done virtually?

Yes! The entire process from beginning to end can be done from the comfort of your couch. We use high quality photos and 360 degree video tours to help you get to know the apartment without leaving your home. The background check, lease signing process and payment can all be completed virtually as well.

Can I see the house in-person?

Accordion Content

How can I find out more about the housemates in the Vybe homes?

Our staff knows each tenant personally and can share more information with you about the atmosphere at the house. Additionally, each housemate fills out a short bio prior to move-in that can be shared to give you a feel for the house.

Can I meet the housemates prior to signing a lease?

Of course! We can put you in contact with the current housemates prior to signing the lease.

What is a typical Vybe home like?

We have lots of different homes. Let us help you find the best fit home! House layout, neighborhood, room numbers, etcetc. What’s your lifestyle?

Will I have privacy?

Yes! Sharing a house doesn’t mean you need to share everything. We rent our single private bedrooms meaning you can always retreat to your individual space for some me-time.

What common space items does Vybe Living provide?

Fully stocked kitchen, living space and bathroom supplies.

Can I decorate my room?

Yes, but no holes please. Decorations should not cause any damage to the room or wall-paint.

Do you accept couples?

Yes. Couples are welcome to rent any room with a private ensuite bathroom. A double occupancy charge may be added to the total monthly price. Consult with our team for details.

Are there house rules?

Upon signing a lease with us, you agree to a set of house guidelines put in place to assure a respectful and comfortable home for all. These include things like quiet hours and a guest policy. In addition houses will often set additional house norms together.

Is smoking allowed in the home?

Smoking of any kind is not allowed in the house. Additionally, illegal drug use is not allowed in or at the house premises by tenants or their guests.

Can I have guests over?

Our policies have changed since the start of Covid. Please ask our staff for the latest updates.

Are pets allowed?

Our properties can only accept service and emotional support animals.

What services does Vybe Living provide?

All our homes come equipped with all basic kitchen utensils, cooking equipment, silverware and tableware as well as furnishings of all indoor common spaces (this will vary depending on the home). Additionally, we’ve organized monthly professional cleaning of all common spaces, high-speed internet, and all other utilities. You’ll also have access to a dedicated maintenance and member support teams to ensure a great stay with us.

What utilities are included? Do I have to pay anything separately?

Yes, utilities are included in your predictable monthly payment. No separate payments needed

What does Vybe's Maintenance support provide?

Vybe Living has a dedicated maintenance team who can help with any and all of your maintenance questions and concerns. Whether you need us to check out your dishwasher, re-supply the house with commonly used goods or change out the smoke detector batteries, the maintenance team can do it all in a timely manner.

How do I communicate with Vybe Living once I moved in?

Upon signing a lease, you’ll receive access to your personal account with us. You can use this account to send us messages or requests, pay monthly charges, or check out your lease.

What are move-in fees?

Your security deposit is due at the time the lease is signed. Rent is due prior to, or on the date your lease starts.

What are my payment options?

Payment is easy and made directly through your personalized account with us. You can pay electornically via bank transfer, credit or debit card. You can also set up autopay so you’ll never miss a rent payment.

Are you still taking applicants?

Yes. We are able to show you the home and complete the leasing process virtually.

How can I see the property without leaving my house?

We have high quality 360 degree virutal tours for the vast majority of our homes. We are able to walk through the property with you, without you having to leave your couch! Virtual tours also give us the opportunity to show you one or two homes to make sure you find one that is the best fit for your needs.